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Financial Assistance

At Hayes Barton United Methodist Preschool, we are committed to providing our community with a preschool where Christian principles and best practices in early childhood education come together to develop our students into thinkers with generous hearts. This commitment starts with our belief that every child, regardless of their socioeconomic status, deserves preschool opportunities that are both accessible and affordable. We foster a welcoming and inclusive environment for all. HBUMP is fortunate to be able to share financial aid through the generosity of donors and established and named endowed funds. At HBUMP, the scholarship process is confidential and based on the demonstrated financial need of the family. 


The Amy Mattheis Scholarship

Created upon her retirement in 2018, this scholarship honors Mrs. Amy Mattheis who spent 19 years as Director of HBUMP. Beloved by parents and students, “Ms. Amy” was a dedicated servant to the school and community. Ms. Amy welcomed all children and this partial scholarship provides tuition assistance to students who otherwise might not be able to attend HBUMP, or to families of enrolled children who are facing financial hardships. The Amy Mattheis Scholarship aims to provide all students with the opportunity to benefit from the HBUMP experience. Scholarship recipients are selected by the HBUMP Scholarship Committee in the spring for the subsequent academic school year. 


Click here for the Amy Mattheis Scholarship application form.



HBUMP Diversity Endowment and Scholarship

HBUMP believes diversity enriches and improves the learning experience of all children while preparing them to become respectful, contributing members of a global society. Created in 2019, the HBUMP Diversity Endowment grants needs-based scholarships for students of color, providing tuition and extracurricular financial assistance for up to five academic years of expenses. Once awarded, it is our intent to maintain the same level of support throughout their enrollment unless the family’s financial circumstances change. Scholarship recipients are selected by the HBUMP Diversity Committee in the spring for the subsequent academic school year.

Click here for the HBUMP Diversity Scholarship application form.



Please feel free to reach out to Director Mary-Kathryn Connor with any questions or assistance in filling out these applications.



Interested in making a tax-deductible donation to the Amy Mattheis Scholarship or the HBUMP Diversity Endowment? Please reach out to Jessie Barringer.

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