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HBUMP stands out within our community because of our small size, experienced educators, and exciting curriculum.

  • With fewer than 165 students in our school, we have created a Hayes Barton Methodist Preschool family. Children and parents are greeted by name, individual needs are met in the classroom, and our teachers collaborate to provide the best education for our students.

  • All of our lead teachers hold degrees in Education or Early Childhood-related fields, with many years of experience and a shared passion for teaching. HBUMP requires continuing education for all teachers so that they can bring the latest developments and research into their classrooms.

  • We have adopted MusiCanopy, a fun and engaging preschool music curriculum that prioritizes creativity and expression through a wide variety of tonalities, rhythms, instruments, and cultural styles.  Musical immersion is a vital part of early-childhood education due to its positive impact on social, emotional, and cognitive development. Music is a part of daily instruction in our classrooms at HBUMP and students participate in a more formal music class twice a month.

  • We integrate music into our bi-monthly Movement class, which takes place in our on-campus gymnasium. Our movement instruction focuses on the physical well-being of our students, builds teamwork, provides body-awareness, and socializes our students in an energetic setting. We value kinesthetic learning and its impact on our students’ development and happiness.

  • Once a month, a Lego-certified instructor expands our four year olds’ and Kindergartners' literacy and math skills through hands-on problem solving with Lego manipulatives. This reinforces our learning-through-play model at HBUMP.

  • Students learn to think critically, expand their vocabulary, participate in thoughtful discussion, discover the world around them, and develop questioning and observation skills in our monthly Science class. These skill sets translate to their literacy and mathematical development as inquiry-based learners.  

  • Our students participate in Chapel semi-monthly. These lessons are designed to give our children a foundation in Christian education and teach the Bible’s messages of love and kindness in an engaging way. Our lessons are led by the HBUMC Director of Children and Family Ministry

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